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November 4, 2010
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Bleach - Ichigo Ulquiorra by earache-J Bleach - Ichigo Ulquiorra by earache-J
I really like this two guys and i had great time playing there games. but, the sad part is i've never seen the tv series of bleach seen i wen't abroad. too bad for me..tsk tsk.. :( anyway, hope you like this one.:D

comments and suggestion are very welcome


Enjoy!! thanks a lot for viewing this

Cs4 and a tablet
Art by me :)
Ichigo ulquiorra(Bleach) Đ copyright Tite Kubo
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First off, let me say wow. Absolutely wow. I am amazed at the attention to details. The hair is wonderfully rendered as well. The dynamic poses is stunning. The background is subtle but still has so much work put into it. Your use of blurring parts of Ichigo, making his head the most crisp was a nice touch. It gives him a sense of motion. However, above all, my favorite part is the green glow you have put on Ichigo. That detail really makes it work.

Following along those lines... I would suggest adding the same green hints of light on Ulquiorra as well. It wouldn't have to be as deep of green but a lighter green might work. The rest of the lighting in the scene is rendered beautifully.

One other small detail that caught my attention was Ulquiorra's hole. It seems flat to me compared to the rest and I wonder if it is the direction of the gradient used there. I am feeling like it needs to be opposite. Have the dark black downward and the lighter area towards the top. I am not sure that'd fix the problem honestly. It would need to be experimented with. Perhaps in conjunction to the comment before, add a green hue to it?

Anyway, I really have nothing else of value to say other than to continue to go on about how amazing this piece of work is. I don't know how many hours were put into this piece but whatever it is, it was all well worth the time. Very well done!
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The first words that came into mind when I first laid eyes on the thumbnail for this was "This composition looks really strong and this piece looks incredible and promising!" So I clicked on the thumbnail and I so totally don't regret doing it! This piece is absolutely stunning! The composition and cropping are done so precisely and the characters are placed in just the right places making your eye move smoothly throughout the piece. I'd say that Ulquiorra is the focal point of this piece since my eyes went to him first (or it could be that I just love him so much that I looked there first) and either way I think that works effectively since he's the one who's being attacked.

Another point I'd like to make is that the details on the characters and the background are just incredible. The artist managed to represent the characters while at the same time they did it in they're own style kind of giving it a realistic spin which came out really well here. Overall this piece is amazing and should be looked at!

I can't think of any suggestions for this except for that the artist should keep making wonderful art like this!
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That is awesome 
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AWESOME !!!!!!!!!
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Amazing! :D
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In the dictionary when one looks up the word awesome this picture will be one of the examples. :+fav: ^_^
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great artwork.
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awesome :)
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This is so many kinds of awesome itīs not even funny.
Love your portrayal of Ulquiorra, and he isnīt even a favorite character of mine!
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I didn't know Ulquiorra had a lightsaber!!! :D:D:D
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